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6.5 Oz / 200 ml Waves Blue Cup

6.5 Oz / 200 ml Waves Blue Cup

Product Description


Packaging and Stacking Details


Code : NP-P-200-002-Waves-Blue Pieces Per Carton :1000
Size : 6.5 Oz / 200 ml Number Of Sleeves :20
Colour : Blue Pieces Per Sleeve : 50
Diameter Top : 80mm Carton Length : 445mm
Carton Width : 405mm
Carton Height :320mm

Our 200 ml / 6.5 Oz blue cups are made of break-resistant polypropylene plastic, this cup makes an economical, yet durable, option for everyday service, the combined flexibility of the plastic and the lightweight design make it great for any use.  These waves Blue cups would be best suited for serving juices and mocktails.